- Reservations are required
- You must report to the reception upon arrival
- We ask you to disinfect your hands upon arrival
- We request our guests to pay with pin as much as possible
- Stay nice and patient to other guests and our colleagues!
- Follow the RIVM behavioral guidelines. So stay at home in case of a cold, sore throat or fever.
- Follow the indicated walking routes in our building.
- Always follow the instructions of our colleagues!


The possibilities depend on the composition of the group:

Children up to and including 17 years are allowed with a maximum of 6 on 1 lane.
For young children, 1 supervisor is allowed per lane.

Adults are allowed with a maximum of 3 on 1 lane.
The adults must keep 1.5 meters from each other during bowling. This is possible with a maximum of 3 people on 1 lane.

Combination of adults and children maximum 2 adults with a maximum of 4 children per lane.

Other measures:
- A maximum of 30 people may be present at the same time.
- A lane is kept free between each group.
- Each pair of lanes has its own bowling balls, each weight is available at your lane.
- Disinfectant and paper are available to clean the balls if desired.

Food & drinks

The following protocol does not apply at this moment, we do not serve food at the tables.

- We do serve snacks and drinks on the bowling lanes.
- You will be escorted to the table by our employees.
- Our tables with chairs are one and a half meters apart, we have placed markings on the floor.
- You may sit at a table with a maximum of 2 people, unless it concerns a joint household or children up to 12 years old.
- The tables and chairs are thoroughly disinfected after each use.