Kids Party Spare

> 1 hour of disco bowling with bumpers
> unlimited lemonade
> bag of potato chips
> ice-cream

Monday - Friday  € 7.50 per child
Saturday - Sunday  € 8.50 per child

Extra half hour of bowling: € 1.75 per child (not possible on weekends)
Extra hour of bowling: € 3.50 per child

> Bookable from 4 children.
> The package can be booked at all times, on the weekend only on the whole hour.
> Would you like to extend the package with an extra (half) hour of bowling? Please contact us by phone.

It is currently not possible to reserve a table to eat cake.
When you reserve the Kids Party Spare, it is allowed to eat cake (only cake) at the bowling alleys, we can provide dishes and forks free of charge.

You must take care of the supervision of the children yourself.
Guidance advice: at least 1 supervisor per 6 children.

Bowling shoes are available from size 31. If the children have smaller feet (or all shoes are in use), you can bowled on their own shoes.


extra half an hour of bowling € 1.75 per child
extra hour of bowling € 3.50 per child
bowling certificate € 0.50 a piece
balloon on a stick € 0.50 a piece
bag of potato chips € 1.00 a piece

Too old for a kids party?

Check out our Burger Bowling package!


medal € 0.50
bowlingpin keychain € 2.95
stuffed animal small (25 cm) € 3.95 
stuffed animal big (35 cm) € 5.95
bowlingpin bottle € 5.95
bowlingpin piggy bank € 5.95
original bowling pin (used) € 9.95
original bowling pin (new) € 25.00
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